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Storm and Hurricane Restoration

When Hurricane Michael hit us the roof broke and water went all over our Miami house. A friend gave me PSR’s phone number, they used them when they had a leak in the basement and needed to take care of the water. they came in within 45 minutes and started working. Thank god they saved our home. I cannot be any more gracious!

Juli Edwards

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Hurricane Flood Restoration 

Just like water, wind can also have a devastating impact on our property causing invaluable damage to homes. No doubt this is a rather traumatic experience for families, homeowners, and business owners alike. The extent of the damage will determine how expensive the restoration process will be. Florida is one of the most storm-riddled places in the continental US, being a homeowner in the sunshine state can be incredibly stressful particularly during the rainy season. Luckily for all Floridians, our company is one of the biggest players in the Storm and Hurricane damage restoration service we are here to make the best out of a terrible situation.

Our expert team of professionals exists to help you reverse as much of the water damage as quickly as it is possible to have you back into your home and return your life back to normal in no time. If you want to know more about the damages storms and hurricanes can do to your property and the many ways our company can help you minimize the damage done, keep on reading.

Heavy storms and hurricanes have the power to cause severe amounts of damage to any property in Miami and more often than not it can be incredibly expensive to repair it. The strong winds preceding a tropical storm or a hurricane are strong enough to rip off the roofs, fences, and smash the windows allowing water, mud, dirt, and dust to flood your home, destroy your gutters, and the eaves troughs.


PSR Hurricane Restoration in Miami

Our storm and hurricane restoration services cover anything from fire damage to water damage. A strong tropical storm or a powerful hurricane will cause not only water or wind damage but also from fire, because of gas pipes collapsing, and electric pylons breaking down. Hurricanes have the potential to cause explosions, fires, and floods.

These are just some of the damages that your property will receive during a heavy tropical storm or a hurricane, and they are the reasons why you need our storm and hurricane damage restoration services. Our expert team of professionals will be the strongest allies you are in need to help you restore your home to how it was before the storm hit.

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Storm and Hurricane Flood Restoration 

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Storm and Hurricane Restoration Process

When you hire our restoration services we will come up with an action plan on the spot and begin our work as quickly as possible to prevent your property from suffering any further damage. If your Florida home has been hit by a disruptive storm, these are the steps you should follow:

Step 1: Contact our emergency service.

Step 2: Assessment by our team.

Step 3: Convey immediate concerns.

Step 4: Removal and/or Disposal.

Step 5: Water Damage Restoration

Step 6: Fire Damage Restoration.

Step 7: Roof Restoration.

Step 8: Gutters Repair.

Step 9: Garden/Backyard Restoration.

Step 10: Cleaning Up.

Step 11: Carpet Cleaning and/or Installation.

Step 12: Window Repair.

Step 13: Remodeling.

Our restoration service will go a long way to reverse all the damage that was done to your property in a timely manner, our goal is to enable you and your company to return to your home and to your regular life. We offer you a wide variety of restoration and remodeling services that will adapt to your budget and/or Insurance. Rest assured that when you hire us, no matter the extent of the damage our representatives are more than capable of handling the workload with ease. By the time we are finished with your home, it’ll be as good as new or even better.

Now, we are very proud of the work we do, but we also know that restoring your home after a storm or a hurricane can be a very expensive and stressful process, which is why we have some recommendations for you, to prevent this terrible situation, but bear in mind that while they can be effective for a minor or intermediate storm, there are certain forces of nature that can’t be stopped.

– Maintain your roof: The roof is the first to be hit by storms, which is why you should always keep it up to date.

– Keep the Trees low: If you leave in a storm-sensitive area avoid planting large trees.

– Look for potential projectiles: As mentioned above, rocks or any heavy decorative item in your garden is a potential projectile that will hit you or your home.

– Doors and Windows: If you live in Florida, then you need to make sure that all the doors and windows in your home are designed to withstand the forces of nature.

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