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Flooded Basement In Miami


“Mike came to assess the damage we had in the basement after a pipe burst and within an hour after we had a crew of 3 people working to extract the water and lay down the equipment to dry out the air. Within 3 days it was as if nothing happened. A friend had the same problem and his basement smells from Mildew now. Thanks PSR! Highly recommended!”

David W.

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Flood in the basement

A basement flood can happen at any time and it will happen to anyone who has a home with one, and even if you have never experienced a flooded basement before, it doesn’t mean it can happen to you at any moment. More commonly flooding occurred during heavy storms and hurricanes. There are a lot of reasons for a basement flood like seeping, broken pipes, sewer overflow, and heavy storms. It is important for you to remember that no matter what, basements are prone to get flooded, they are, literally the lowest level in any construction, and more often than not almost the entire structure is built below ground.

Due to its location, basements have two inherit enemies lurking in the shadows, groundwater, and sewers. Groundwater is naturally located just below the ground’s surface which means that most of the times it is above the basement level. And in some locations across the US, groundwater is always above the level of the basement’s floor at all times. Sewers are always located below the ground, and they include a wide variety like storm drainage and sanitary sewers. Commonly sewers are located beneath the basement level, however, most of the time the water level in the sewers is above the basement floor level.

Finally, there is one last enemy of the basements, one that sadly can’t be beaten, and that is Gravity which does an excellent job at moving water from high to low, this means that if either the groundwater or sewer water level is above the basement floor level gravity will work hard on bringing all that water down and forced its way through your basement. A cracked foundation will only make things easier for gravity to push all that water into your basement. By design, the City’s sanitary sewers will go through your home, something all homeowners are familiar with, the sanitary sewer lateral. Normally, the lateral let the water flow from your house into the sewers, however, there is also the potential for the exact opposite to happen and water from the sewers will flow into your home.

If you don’t want to be one of the many homeowners who has gone down the steps into their basements only to find a pool of murky water, then, our company is here to help you, keep on reading to find out in more detail how a basement get flooded, how you can prevent that from happening to a certain degree, and how when wore happens, you can rely on our professional services to assist you during that troublesome situation. Water will always follow the easiest path. Another common cause of flooding can be attributed to inappropriate drainage in the basement.

Why Let Us take care of your flooded basement

Our company employs only the best technicians to deal with water damage caused by a flooded basement. You can rest assured that our team has the experience, skills, and top of the line equipment to deal with this situation satisfactorily removing all the water and supervising the drying process. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your basement and provide you with all the necessary documentation confirming that the structure is dry and no further damage was done. Another important thing to remember is that just like any other water damage scenario, a flooded basement has to be dealt with as soon as possible or you will be risking costlier damage to your property.

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Steps To Take care of Immediately

If you have been a victim of a flooded basement, then these are the six steps you need to take ASAP:

  1. Never enter a flooded basement.
  2. Remove the water.
  3. Remove your damp objects.
  4. Dry the area.
  5. Inspect for and remove potential mold.
  6. Begin preparations to prevent further flooding.
  7. Cut the power to the basement immediately.
  8. Call your insurance company (if you have it).
  9. If you have a sump pump use it while our technicians are on their way.
  10. We encourage you to supervise our technician so you can be sure your basement is drying properly.
  11. Check for any gas leaks.
  12. You may also take pictures for insurance purposes.
  13. If you have windows in your basement open them up.


After our technicians have dealt with your situation, there is one final thing to do, you will be provided a folder containing all the documents detailing the results of the drying process, go through them very careful, if the structure has suffered any damage you should call your contractor and begin reparations as soon as possible. 

We understand a flooded basement can be a horrible nightmare for our customers and we take enormous pride in the quick, efficient, and responsible service we provide. You can give us a call or visit our website to get a quote on our services.

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