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Amazing service and quick response! Mike communicated with me throughout the whole transaction and handle everything like a professional. I would definitely recommend PSR for any mold issue you may have. Thanks for the great service!

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Mold Inspection and remediation in Miami 

Mold remediation is what follows a mold inspection. If you are our professional services to handle all your mold-related problems, our inspectors will suggest that your home is submitted for a mold remediation process to effectively get rid of the problem affecting your home and more importantly your health. It is always important to remember that while mold is incredibly prejudicial to your home it is equally detrimental to your health, which means that any time you have a mold problem it’s in your best interest to get rid of it as quickly as possible.


Our company is fully aware of this situation and that is why we have developed efficient techniques in accordance with industry standards for mold removal offering a speedy and effective service to all of our customers.


If at one point or another you have asked yourself why you need to hire a mold inspector. Well if you had to deal with a mold infection before or you know someone who has, then you know exactly why you would need to hire one of our mold inspectors to handle the remediation process and get rid of your mold-related problems. If you are dealing with a mold infestation for the first time and you don’t know what remediation is or what does it do keep on reading, don’t be a fool, removing mold can be an extremely complex task, and should only be done a certified mold remediation service.



According to the Environmental Protection Agency, all homeowners suffering from a mold infestation larger than ten square feet or deep within your HVAC system to hire a professional mold inspection company to deal with your mold problem.

If additionally, you are also suffering from unexpected health problems, especially respiratory illnesses it means you have been exposed to mold for a prolonged period of time which is another very important reason why you should hire one of our professional mold inspectors in Florida so you don’t continue to be exposed to greater health risks due to high concentrations of mold spores in the air you breathe at home.

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Mold Inspection and remedialtion service areas

Miami-Dade County

Boward county

Palm Beach county

The Water Damage Restoration Process

The entire remediation process can be summarized into nine simple steps:

Step 1: Location.

Step 2: Equipment.

Step 3: Preparations.

Step 4: Negative Pressure.

Step 5: Protective Suit.

Step 6: Disposing of mold-riddle materials beyond remediation.

Step 7: Fungicide.

Step 8: Encapsulation.

Step 9. Additional repairs.



Our team of professional mold inspectors has the skills, experience, and expertise to hunt down this troublesome invader where ever it hides. We always encourage our customers to hire our inspection services instead of falling into the wrong practice of attempting to find the mold for themselves. Remember, for every area where mold is visible, rest assure that more than that is hidden beneath the surface just like an iceberg.



Our professional mold inspectors will use top of the line equipment to deal with your mold problem as well as the Fungicide brands, heavy plastic sheets, and tape to seal off the working area, and heavy plastic bags to put the mold.



Once the mold inspector has determined which areas he will be working on you will have to remove every personal item in those areas, so the inspector can start to set up shop. We understand this disruption can be problematic, which is why we guarantee our techniques work fast and efficient.


Negative Pressure

Setting up the negative pressure will allow air flow to enter the work area but not to leave it, preventing the spores from spreading through the house, this step and the Encapsulation happen simultaneously.


Protective Suit

A fully trained mold inspector will wear the industry standard protective gear approved by national and international regulations. Once the job is finished he will dispose of the suit to prevent contaminants from spreading through the house.


Disposing of mold-riddle materials beyond remediation

When the inspector encounters sections of materials like drywall, carpeting or rug with mold in it that are beyond saving he will remove and dispose of them properly, preventing the mold from spreading elsewhere.



Non-porous surfaces like metal, tiles, sinks, countertops, and bathtubs will be sprayed with a potent fungicide effectively killing any presence of mold in them.



Unlike drywall or carpeting which can be removed, there are materials that cannot be removed, they are part of the structure of the house and are normally made out of non-porous materials, in those cases where mold cannot be removed, a special coat of produce will be sprayed on them to cover and prevent the mold from spreading.


Additional repairs

Removing all the mold affecting your home will undoubtedly do a lot of damage to the interior after the remediation process is finished you will need to contact a contractor and start repairing all the areas that were damaged by the mold.


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