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PSR Water Damage Rstoration Miami

Professional water damage restoration, flooded basement, Mold inspection and Mold remediation in South Florida Including All Florida Keys.

Water Damage Restoration | Miami FL | PSR Water Damage Restoration

Fast 24/7 Service

PSR restoration always have a team on stand by to mitigate your water damage or mold ASAP.  We operate 24/7 because if you cannot sleep when you have water running in your home then we cannot.

Cutting edge equipment

Whether you have mold or a flood in your home or business we have the right equipment to handle the problem in the fastest and most efficient way.

Professional Team

There is nobody that you want to put your family’s safety and peace of mind other than our professional, experienced and certified technicians and restoration team leaders. 

Water damage restoration

We are not just passionate about restoring people’s homes and bring businesses back to work but we’re also passionate about helping people that is why we take you hand by hand through the whole process. 

Mold Inspection

Not all seen mold is bad for your health and you can also have hidden mold that you cannot see that can affect your health. Our experienced mold inspectors in Miami can detect, analyze and test the air for mold spores and provide you an accurate report. 

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is not an easy process as mold spores are in the air and they can easy shift for the contaminated area to the clean area. Our certified technicians know how to mitigate the issue and  remediate the mold.

Restoring water damage and flooded basements

If you are a Florida resident and are looking for the best service company to deal with water damage, flooded basement, storm and hurricane restoration, mold inspection, and mold remediation, then look no further PSR is the company for you. We have been offering our services for years and have built up an incredible reputation among our customers. PSR is renowned for its efficient, speedy, and responsible service, every single one of our employee is fully trained and licensed professional in every area of service we offer, you can rest assured that our work will be consistent and with high-quality results. Whenever you are suffering from water, mold, or hurricane damage give us a call on our emergency service and we will dispatch our team immediately to your location and help you through those troubled times. We know how important it is to get your home back, which is why we worked around the clock to return you to your normal life as soon as possible.


Why PSR?

What makes us stand from the rest is our amazing 24/7 emergency service, as soon as you placed the call we will dispatch our emergency team who will assess your current situation, not only will they come up with an action plan to solve your problem ASAP but they will also determine the cost of the restoration, but rest assured that with our experience, we will get the job done the first time around, that is a PSR guarantee, after all, we not only offer our services, but we also offer our friendship is that particular time of need. We teach our employees that not only is important what we do but also how we do it, and that motto is what truly sets us apart from other companies. Our job is to clean and restore and we are proud to do it.

Our company stands upon three principles, quality, reliability, and professionalism, which is what you are going to get from anyone working for PSR. Anyone who comes to work for us goes through extensive training and certifications to make sure that the job they do is up to the standards we have set over the years. We work hand in hand with all insurance companies.

Our customers are very pleased with the quality of service we provide them in the fields of professional cleaning and restoration. We stay up to date with all the current guidelines and regulations and equipped all of our technicians with the latest tools and protective gear on the market. Also, we work only with the best brands in the field of water damage restoration and mold remediation to guarantee the affected areas will be completely dry and mold free.

If you ever have any water damage and home insurance issues, these guys are the ones to call.  They are professional, effective, and will get the job done right.  They were extremely helpful during the whole process.  If I ever had any questions, they were only a text message a way and responded promptly.  Not only did they help me resolve my claim, but they ensured the reconstruction work was done right.  Thanks for everything PSR!

Loren C.

PSR was a real life saver. I had a pipe burst late Saturday evening and Mike not only responded immediately to help limit the damage but he and his team worked diligently to get my place aired out and looking like new in record time.  They were professional and courteous while ensuring that my floors ended up in the same condition as they were prior to the leak.  The work they performed exceeded my expectations and I’ll be recommending PSR to friends & family moving forward.

Chris A.

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